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Contributed by Brock Frazier -- August 27, 2002, Updated November 14, 2005

The Ashbory Bass was, to my knowledge, the sole survivor from the discontinuation of the DeArmond import instrument line until the 2003-era name change to Ashbory by Fender. DeArmond was to Guild what Squire is to Fender and Epiphone is to Gibson, largely a brand name to carry generally inferior foreign (many times Korean) versions of the main brand's products. The DeArmond Ashbory is a rare exception, made in Korea but outperforming the Guild it is modeled after with a better pickup and tuners. Unlike a bass guitar, the Ashbory bass is far less complex (no frets and probably no truss rod) so differences in craftsmanship are relatively trivial. The pickup is very important, and the DeArmond has a superior pickup to what was in the original Guild models.

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