1999 DeArmond Ashbory Product Slick

Contributed by Brock Frazier on January 10, 2010

When the Ashbory Bass was reintroduced under the "DeArmond by Guild" banner by Fender in 1999, this is the flyer that came with the product launch. I could not get one of these from Fender by the time 2003 came about, and it wasn't until stubling across one in an ebay auction that I finally had a copy.

The most noteworthy difference between the early DeArmond models pictured and almost every Ashbory Bass since is the tuners. Very early on, the tuners changed from the silver spindled ones pictured to the all black ones often seen. Fender still uses old pictures for the new "Ashbory by Fender" models, with the new logo photoshopped over the "DeArmond Ashbory" area on the body. This is misleading, because the silver tuners were long gone by the time the "Ashbory by Fender" models saw production.

The flyer also notes that Guild owners have "struggled to find strings and parts for their beloved Ashbory basses". This was true. Unfortunately, the DeArmond bridge/pickup has a different footprint and is not a drop-in for a Guild. The tuners, which like the bridge/pickup were notable upgrades from what was present on the Guild, are also not direct drop-in replacements.

Here's the text of the flyer. Images with links to larger scans are available below.

Side One text

Ashbory Bass

De Armond® by Fender

Side Two text

DeArmond re-releases what Guild's 1987 literature called "the epitome of originality ... the most innovative bass guitar ever created." The 18 inch fretless scale and super light weight of the Ashbory make it easy to create the growl of an upright or the punch of a standard electric bass. The patented Ashworth transducer and the silicone rubber strings are a major part of what makes the Ashbory so unique but the sound for live and recording applications is what makes it a necessity for any recording studio and a treat for any live stage performance. Artists around the world, famous and unknown, have performed and recorded with the original Guild Ashborys. They have loved and cherished these very collectable instruments. They have struggled to find strings and parts for their beloved Ashbory basses, but replacement strings and parts will soon be available again as accessories from DeArmond. Now available for all the world in Black, Frost Red Metallic and Moon Blue and all with Gig Bag included.

DeArmond Ashbory Bass
Features & Specifications

Part Numbers:035-0100-306 (Black w/ Gig Bag)
035-0100-377 (Frost Red w/ Gig Bag)
035-0100-396 (Moon Blue w/ Gig Bag)
US MSRP:$4.99
Construction Type:One piece Agathis body
Scale Length:18"
Headstock:Ashbory 4-in-line reverse
Fingerboard Radius:Infinity
Pickups:Ashworth Piezo
Controls:1 Volume, Active Bass and Active Treble
Bridge:Ashworth Transducer Bridge
Strings:Custom Ashbory Latex Strings
(Replacement strings and parts will soon be available as accessories)

© 1999 FMIC For more information, write DeArmond, 7975 N. Hayden Rd., Suite C-100, Scottsdale AZ 85258

De Armond®


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