"Bill Schultz" DeArmond Hang Tag

Here is the hang tag that came with a 2002 Ashbory Bass

The tag appears to be a standard issue DeArmond thing, since there's no specific mention of the Ashbory Bass anywhere, not to mention there's a blank to fill in the model.
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Message from Fender Chairman Bill Schultz, followed by the beginning of the "Limited Lifetime Guitar Warranty".
Bill Schultz page
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"Limited Lifetime Guitar Warranty" continued...
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"Note: Record pertinent information below in case of theft, loss or resale."
fill-in page
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Back of hang tag states simply:
"DeArmondTM and GuildTM are registered trademarks of FMIC. ©1999 Fender Musical Instruments, Scottsdale AZ P/N 005-1853-000"
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