2002 Press Release announcing LargeSound.com Ashbory Bass Resources

Contributed by Brock Frazier -- October 1, 2003

Below is the announcement that launched LargeSound.com. It was sent electronically only to a variety of resources including Harmony Central and TalkBass.com. LargeSound.com is essentially a long overdue massive upgrade for the old Ashbory Internet Resource.

Ashbory Bass Players Gain Online Information Resource and Community Area

LargeSound.com provides Ashbory owners with message board, FAQ, documentation, and article sections.

The first comprehensive community-based Internet resource to serve Ashbory players and people curious about the Ashbory Bass has launched. The LargeSound.com web site at http://www.largesound.com features a discussion area, 'historical' documents dating back to the 1980's, frequently asked questions, articles on instrument modifications, and more.

"I've been wanting to build a site like this for years now," said Brock Frazier, founder of LargeSound.com. "The old Ashbory Internet Resource was a short little page that answered the basic questions Ashbory owners had back in 1998 like 'Where do I get strings?' and 'How many were Guild Ashborys were made?'. Since the introduction of the DeArmond model, there hasn't really been anything to step up to the needs of a new and larger user base... ...until now."

Frazier's old Ashbory Internet Resource web page was not comprehensive, but it served a valuable function as it's presence was one of many motivating factors in the resurrection of the "dogbone" styled Ashbory Bass in 1999. The site and Frazier are mentioned briefly in the official Ashbory history site at http://www.ashbory.com. "AIR served it's purpose and then some, but it is great to have finally launched the replacement", added Frazier.

The LargeSound.com name comes from "Small Bass, Large Sound", which is a simple and effective description of the Ashbory Bass. Though sometimes unfairly dismissed as a toy due to it's small size and weight, the Ashbory has been used in live performances throughout the world in addition to popular recordings. It's full sound translates easily to recordings, and it's small size makes it a convenient flight companion.


The Ashbory Bass is a small fretless bass with a large sound. It has a scale length of only 18 inches yet has a sound often compared to an upright, or string bass. It is a unique instrument best described as an "Ashbory Electric Bass" since it is a radical departure from both the upright bass and the electric bass guitar. The instrument design was a collaboration between Alun Ashworth-Jones and Nigel Thornbory. The popular "dogbone" styled Ashbory was produced by Guild Guitars from 1986 to 1988, and has been available from DeArmond since 1999.


LargeSound.com is located at http://www.largesound.com and is the largest dedicated community resource for Ashbory Bass players on the web. The site features a discussion area, articles, FAQs, and much more. It officially opened on October 3rd, 2002.