Another 1987 Guild Ashbory Product Slick

Contributed by Mike Tavener on March 12, 2008. Introduction by Brock Frazier.

There's two flyers for the Guild Ashbory Bass that we know of. This one, and another one was also dated from 1987. This example was hole-punched after the fact, possibly by a sales rep. The fact both are of the same year yet have different address and telephone numbers makes me think they are from different times in the same year, but this is pure speculation.

Here's the text of the flyer. Images with links to larger scans are available below.

Side One text

The old order is about to be overthrown. The new Guild Ashbory is going to change the way you think about bass guitar.

Side Two text

The Ashbory's strings are made of high-mass silicone, providing incredible ease of play and accurate intonation.

Special lo-Z circuitry ensures unusual clarity and transparency - plugs straight into mixing board, no direct box needed!

Active electronics control the widest range of tonal qualities imaginable, from the warmth if an upright to a percussive brilliance unmatched by ordinary basses.

Special locking tuners handle the most aggressive playing style.

The Ashbory's radical design sounds and plays like nothing else in the world. Flexible, soft silicone strings on a precise fretless neck deliver sounds impossible with other basses while allowing more traditional tones as well. The Ashbory's small size and light weight make it easy to hold, even on top of another bass or guitar. And all for a price within reach of every musician. Pick up one and see for yourself: The Ashbory bass* from Guild is the most revolutionary development in bass technology in since the original electric bass.

* U.S. and foreign patents pending


» Large view of side one (PDF, 194K)

» Large view of side two (PDF, 192K)