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Part three: Hear the Ashbory.

MP3 Ashbory audio sound file
(Click here for MP3 audio of Brother Bob on the Ashbory bass, 347k)

The Ashbory in general sounds very similar to an upright bass. It has a wider variety of sounds than an upright though, and with the right technique, there's some analog synth-esque sounds to be had. The Ashbory has an extra cool "mwah" sound when sliding up the neck as well.

The sample MP3 sound clip will give you a good idea of the sound of an Ashbory. Playing the bass is Boise's (Idaho USA) own Brother Bob (pictured at right), who plays all sorts of gigs in the area on guitar and bass.

For the curious, the Ashbory is being recorded like this:

2002 DeArmond Ashbory Bass
Crate B40 practice amp
Shure SM48 mic
Zoom MRS-1044 digital multitrack recorder
It was recorded in one quick take.

» Hear the Ashbory Bass (MP3, 347k)

Here's a video of an Ashbory with the high end dialed down for duty with ukuleles:

The Ashbory has been used on recordings around the world in a variety of settings, including:

» Sample from "Ain't Misbehavin'" (MP3, 1.2meg) (Courtesy of Tantara Records)

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